Planning Ahead and New Beginnings

2018- man what a year. A year that may have broken others and in many ways broke me. Have you ever heard that old saying "sometimes things have to fall apart so better things can come together?" It couldn't be more true when I look back. This past week I took steps to really do… Continue reading Planning Ahead and New Beginnings


A Divorced Christmas

The first Christmas just my daughter, my dog and I. I was super excited to just focus on us and make it really special I didn't even think about presents for myself until a friend mentioned it. Honestly, it wasn't on my radar. I usually had to nag my ex husband (I mean literally every… Continue reading A Divorced Christmas


Finding the things to be thankful for

As we approach Thanksgiving, I've been trying to name the feeling that I keep grappling with.  It's not sadness, it's not hopeful, it's not dread.  But I know, as I walk into my family's dinner gathering tomorrow, there will be people who hug me and think I need the extra support, people who feel bad… Continue reading Finding the things to be thankful for


Celebrate Good Times, come on!

I celebrate everything, the dogs birthday, every first, seriously,any reason for a party or a selfie. Divorce isn’t something typically celebrated and I didn’t understand why you’d want to until I got divorced. While were still not 100% officially divorced, it feels like we’re on the other side of the drama (usually) and starting a… Continue reading Celebrate Good Times, come on!


A Divorce Vocabulary

I will be the first to admit I was sheltered through my adolescence. I’m blessed to have parents that have been married for 46 years. Walking through the season of divorce, I’ve learned so much about me, about my relationships, about life. I’ve learned words I thought I knew the meaning of. I’ve grown. Narcissists/Narcissistic… Continue reading A Divorce Vocabulary

Single Mom Life

Adventures in Dating (Single Mom Style)

If there's one thing I wasn't looking forward to coming out of my divorce, it was dating.  Everyone I know gave me the same advice, don't rush it, don't just start dating right away if you're not ready.  News flash: as much as this season of life is hard, as much as it sucks, if… Continue reading Adventures in Dating (Single Mom Style)